Tacchificio Riviera

Every story has a path.
Let us draw yours.


We draw the lines from your inspiration.
The client gives us a drawing with their idea, we interpret and realize it.
People see a heel, I listen to their music when they walk.

Let us shape your idea

Follow the lines

We have been realizing our clients' dreams,
carving them in the beauty of a single product,
for more than half a century.


After many tries and attempts, we obtain the final shape.
The idea can be touched, the abstract becomes real.
The heel il born.



We control every product:
we observe the details, the details of its composition.
Every shape is unique, as the person that will wear it.

Places have a soul

By following the path of those who came before,
we find the inspiration that allows us to make handcraft creations
with the most advanced technology.

From 1945 to today
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Legal head office: Via Pola, 22 – 30039 Stra (VE)
Operations and administrative office: Viale Serenissima, 30 -30030 Vigonovo (VE)
Tel. +39 049 502844 - Fax +39 049 504969

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